Volume 34 Number 3, July 2007

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10-Jul-2007: The style files have been updated in this online edition - there was an error in the references.


132 Editorial (100KB)
133 President’s column: Ranking journals (190KB)
P. Hall
137 Maths matters: Opportunities for the mathematical sciences? (555KB)
F. de Hoog
143 Puzzle corner 3 (339KB)
N. Do
150 Maths@work in meteorology (435KB)
J. D. Kepert
156 The style files: Write what you mean (192KB)
T. Roberts

ANZIAM 2007: 43rd Applied Mathematics Conference (528KB)
G. Hocking

161 J.H. Michell Medal awarded to Dr Yvonne Stokes (150KB)
W. Summerfield
162 Obituary: Leslie Colin Woods (126KB)
G. J. Tee and G. C.Wake
168 More on π (143KB)
M. D. Hirschhorn

Book reviews (167KB)

  • Master classes in mathematics, by W.M. Stephens (ed.) (Reviewed by F. Barrington)
  • Measure theory, by V.I. Bogachev (Reviewed by T.M. Mills)
  • Colossus: The Secrets of Bletchley Park’s Code-breaking Computers, by Jack Copeland and
    Colossus: Bletchley Park’s greatest secret, by Paul Gannon (Both reviewed by Peter Donovan)
  • Leonhard Euler, by Emil A. Fellmann (Reviewed by H. Lausch)
178 AMSI News: A good federal budget outcome for mathematics and statistics (150KB)
P. Broadbridge
180 News (537KB)
189 AustMS (147KB)
E. J. Billington

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