Volume 34 Number 2, May 2007

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Unfortunately, the link to the petition website (p.67, letter to the editors) published in this edition is no longer available. Gia Underwood, NTEU representative at RMIT, asks interested readers to email her directly if they wish to add their name. Her email address can be found on page 67.

Gia also reported that there will be a meeting with Margaret Gardner, VC of RMIT University on the 30th June. The petition will shortly be sent to her, prior to the meeting, with a summary of where signatories come from, comments received and the like. There were over 400 signatures, from all over Australia and overseas.


64 Editorial (80KB)
65 President’s column: The RQF: Concentrating on our research strengths (120KB)
P. Hall
67 Letter to the Editors: RMIT University staffing cutbacks (80KB)
Gia Underwood
68 Classroom notes:
Spreadsheets — an overlooked technology for mathematics education
S. Sugden
75 Puzzle corner 2 (220KB)
N. Do
78 The style files: Appearance affects communication (190KB)
T. Roberts
81 Paul Halmos and the Macquarie Annual Meeting (180KB)
82 Open letter:
National Strategic Review of Mathematical Sciences Research in Australia
H. Rubinstein and J. Thomas
84 Assessing research in the mathematical sciences (140KB)
A.L. Carey, M.G. Cowling and P.G. Taylor
90 An Olympiad problem appeal (90KB)
H. Lausch

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (150KB)
K. Burrage

94 Obituary: Max Kelly, FAA, 5 June 1930 – 26 January 2007 (80KB)
R. Street
97 A dense distance 1 excluding set in R3 (220KB)
M.S. Payne and D. Coulson
103 Plane quadrilaterals (170KB)
J.B. Miller

Book reviews (210KB)
Mathematics for Multimedia (reviewed by Xiaofang Zhou)
Divine proportions: Rational trigonometry to universal geometry (reviewed by Rod Gover)
A generating function approach to the enumeration of matrices in classical groups over finite fields (reviews by E.A. O’Brien)

118 AMSI News: Being positive within a harsh reality (140KB)
P. Broadbridge
120 News (130KB)

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