Volume 34 Number 1, Mar 2007

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2 Editorial (70KB)
3 President’s column: The National Strategic Review of Mathematical Sciences Research (180KB)
P. Hall
6 Letter to the Editors: Another interpretation of Cherry’s appointment over Wiener (90KB)
Michael A.B. Deakin
8 Maths matters: The other authors of Counting Australia In (350KB)
G. Cohen
13 Puzzle corner 1: Solve the self-referential apptitude test (1.1MB)
N. Do
17 Maths@work: The consulting model (240KB)
J. Henstridge
20 The style files: Omit redundant words (140KB)
T. Roberts
22 Maths in the media: Terry Tao South Australian of the Year, and Science’s breakthrough of 2006 (210KB)
24 Report on forum held at the Shine Dome, 7 February (280KB)
H. Rubinstein
26 Measuring research performance in the mathematical sciences in Australian universities (70KB)
P. Hall
31 Obituary: Fenton Pillow 1921–2006 (270KB)
T. Bracken and V. Hart

On the rate of convergence of Wallis’ sequence (150KB)
E. Paltanea

39 Pisano period and permutations of n × n matrices (850KB)
N. Patson
44 Book reviews (160KB)
Counting Australia In: The People, Organisations and Institutions of Australian Mathematics
Introduction to Modern Number Theory: Volume 49, Number Theory 1
Researching Mathematics Classrooms: Critical Examination of Methodology
51 AMSI News: AMSI benefits to researchers, and mathematics education (180KB)
P. Broadbridge
53 News (100KB)
60 AustMS (70KB)

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