About the Gazette

The online version of the Gazette is registered as ISSN 1326-2297.
The printed version is registered as ISSN 0311-0729.

The Gazette is published in five issues each year. Deadlines for contributions are:

1 February 2008 for No 1 (March 2008)

1 April 2008 for No 2 (May 2008)

1 June 2008 for No 3 (July 2008)

1 August 2008 for No 4 (September 2008)

1 October 2008 for No 5 (November 2008)

Contact the editors to negotiate an extension if required.

The Gazette seeks to publish items of the following types:

  • Mathematical articles of general interest to members of the Australian Mathematical Society, particularly historical and survey articles
  • Reviews of books, particularly by Australian authors, or books of wide interest
  • Classroom notes on presenting mathematics in an elegant way
  • Items relevant to mathematics education
  • Letters on relevant topical issues
  • Information on conferences, particularly those held in Australasia
  • Information on recent major mathematical achievements
  • Reports on the business and activities of the Society
  • Staff changes, promotions and visitors in mathematics departments
  • News of members of the Australian Mathematical Society

Local correspondents are asked to submit news items and act as local Society representatives.

Material for publication and editorial correspondence should be submitted to the editors.

Editorial Policy

The Gazette follows policy established in Vol. 1, No. 1 and reiterated in Vol. 14, No. 1.

Subscription Information

The individual subscription to the Society includes a subscription to the Gazette. Information concerning membership may be obtained from the Treasurer, or from any of the local Society correspondents.

Non-members and institutions may subscribe to the Gazette. Please consult the latest journal price list.


The advertising rates for the Gazette, as of November 2005 are,

AUD$175 for a half page
AUD$350 for a full page

The rates apply to black and white advertisement only. The rates do not attract GST.


The copyright for both the printed and electronic versions of the Gazette is vested in the Australian Mathematical Society. Apart from any fair dealing for scholarly purposes as permitted by the Copyright Act, no part of the Gazette may be reproduced by any process without permission from the Treasurer of the Australian Mathematical Society.

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