Volume 33 Number 5, November 2006

Available are the complete issue (3.1MB) and individual articles.


294 Editorial (KB)
295 President's Column (KB)
Michael Cowling
297 Math Matters (MB)
John Henstridge
306 Mathellaneous (KB)
Norman Do

The style files(KB)
Tony Roberts

315 Bilateral average intelligence increase through tourism (KB)
Andrew Conway
316 2006 ICE-EM Graduate School (KB)
Helen Grey, Agah Garnadi, Chris Goddard, Lucy Gow and Kaiser Lock
321 Obituary Alex Rubinov (KB)
Sid Morris
323 50th AustMS meeting (KB)
William Chen
326 Exactly one hundred nontrivial composites(KB)
Alf van der Poorten

AMSI News (KB)
Philip Broadbridge

330 Quadrance graphs(KB)
Le Anh Vinh
333 Trisecting the equilateral triangle with rational trigonometry (KB)
Norman Wildberger
338 A counting function for the sequence of perfect powers (KB)
Michael Nyblom
344 Book Reviews (KB)
349 News (KB)
354 AustMS (KB)

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