Volume 33 Number 2, May 2006

Available are the complete issue (3.4MB) and individual articles.


74 Editorial (KB)
76 President's Column (KB)
Michael Cowling
77 Letter to the Editors (KB)
Hyam Rubinstein
78 Math Matters (KB)
Grant Cairns
81 Mathellaneous (MB)
Norman Do
88 AMSI News (KB)
Philip Broadbridge
90 Forced redundancies at UNE (KB)
92 My brilliant career (KB)
Michael Anderson
95 Historical (KB)
Hans Lausch
104 The style files (KB)
Tony Roberts
106 What is mathematics? (KB)
Ian Roberts

2006 Academy Fellow/ARC Federation Fellows (KB)

111 The embedding problem for partial Steiner triple systems (KB)
Darryn Bryant and Daniel Horsley
116 Product constructions for transitive decompositions of graphs (KB)
Geoffrey Pearce
122 The inheritance problem and monotone systems (KB)
Vilmos Totik
131 Book Reviews (KB)
136 News (KB)
143 AustMS(KB)

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