The Australian Mathematical Society


Volume 33 Number 1, March 2006

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2   Editorial
3   President's Column
Michael Cowling
5   Math Matters
Peter Bouwknegt
8   Mathellaneous
Norman Do
14 Historical
Graeme Cohen
22 The style files
Tony Roberts
24 2006 Onsager Prize
Murray Batchelor
25 2006 ANZIAM Medal
Bill Summerfield
27 2006 J.H. Michell Medal
Bill Summerfield
28 ``Mathematics'' vs Mathematics
Imre Bokor
37 Obituary Arthur Jones
Grant Cairns
39 Two generalisations of the binomial theorem
Sacha Blumen
44 On Fourier and Hankel Sampling
Nils Byrial Andersen
47 On the zeros of finite sums of exponential functions
Timo Tossavainen
51 A class of applications of AM-GM inequality
Wladimir G. Boskoff and Bogdan D. Suceavă
57 Book Reviews
64 News
69 AustMS
71 AMSI News