Volume 33 Number 3, July 2006

Available are the complete issue (6.4MB) and individual articles.


146 Editorial (KB)
147 President's Column (KB)
Michael Cowling
149 Letter to the Editors (KB)
Imi Bokor
151 Math Matters (KB)
Tony Guttmann
157 Mathellaneous (MB)
Norman Do
165 AMSI News (KB)
Philip Broadbridge
167 Historical (KB)
Joe Gani
172 The style files (KB)
Tony Roberts
174 The econometrics of science, research and innovation (KB)
Peter Hall
177 The essentials of, and for, mathematics (KB)
John Crossley
186 Mathematics-in-Industry Study Group 2006 (KB)
Graeme Wake

ANZIAM 2006 (KB)
Simon Clarke

189 Examples of new facets for the precedence constrained knapsack problem (KB)
Chris Fricke
195 The behaviour of tsunamis (KB)
Maurice Brearley
200 The Wine/Water Paradox: background, provenance and proposed resolutions (KB)
Michael Deakin
206 Book Reviews (KB)
212 News (KB)
220 AustMS News (KB)

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