The Australian Mathematical Society


Volume 32 Number 1, March 2005

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3   Editorial
4   President's Column
Michael Cowling
5   Math matters
Tony Bracken
9   Mathellaneous
Norman Do
19 The 9th problem
John Urbas
22 For some girls, the problem with math is that they're good at it
Cornelia Dean
24 2005 Australian Academy of Science Medals
26 Obituary J.R.M. Radok
Roger Hosking
28 Professor Bruce Berndt is 2005 Mahler Lecturer
Jim Hill
31 Markov process modelling of gene regulation
Hillary S. Booth, Conrad J. Burden, Markus Hegland and Lucia Santoso
42 Graphical patterns in quadratic residues
Ismael Jiménez Calvo
48 Casus irreducibilis and Maple
Rudolf Výborný
51 Book Reviews
58 Election of officers and ordinary members of Council
Elizabeth J. Billington
60 News
67 AustMS bulletin board