The Australian Mathematical Society


Volume 31 Number 2, May 2004

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73   Editorial
74   President's Column
Tony Guttmann
75   Letter to the editors
Alan Pryde
76   Math matters
Tony Dooley
79   Mathellaneous
Daniel Mathews
89   Brain drain
Philip Broadbridge
94   How to write a frequently-cited article
Henk van der Vorst
101 Mathematics-In-Industry study group, Auckland January 2004: Report
Graeme Wake
107 ANZIAM 2004
Kerry Landman
108 Efficient enumeration of 3-manifold triangulations
Benjamin A. Burton
115 On Klein's quartic curve
Maurice Craig
121 The asymptotic solution of a difference equation considered by Ramanujan
Michael D. Hirschhorn
126 A difficult limit
Michael D. Hirschhorn
129 Book reviews
135 News
140 AustMS bulletin board