The Australian Mathematical Society


Volume 31 Number 1, March 2004

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1   Editorial
2   President's Column
Tony Guttmann
4   Obituary W.P. Galvin
John Giles
6   Math matters
Peter Hall
12 Mathellaneous
Daniel Mathews
18 Brain drain
John Stillwell
21 2004 B.H. Neumann Awards
22 2004 Australia Day honours
23 2004 ANZIAM and Michell medals
25 Comprehension as an assessment tool for mathematics
Jamie Simpson
26 International mathematical olympiad
Angelo Di Pasquale
29 Primary schools mathematics competition
John Giles
30 The prisoner may be in two minds
Anthony J. Roberts
34 A random hopscotch problem
Michael D. Hirschhorn
36 On the twin prime conjecture
Alf van der Poorten and Teur Ah-Mah
40 Squares from products of integers
William D. Banks and Alf van der Poorten
43 Modular equations and eta evaluations
William B. Hart
48 Acknowledgement of priority
Phill Schultz
49 Book Reviews
58 Obituary D.A. Spence
J.J. O'Connor and E.F. Robertson
60 News
69 AustMS bulletin board