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Volume 24 Number 5 January 1998


  • 175 {\quad Editorial}
    Letter to the Editor
    Kurt Mahler Mathematics Prize
    Are Birds Dynamicists?
    M. N. Brearley
    Radius of a Buried Pipe
    M. Hirschhorn
    An Elementary Numerical Inequality
    K. T. Atanassov
    Computation of Long Period Orbits in Chaotic Dynamical Systems
    B. A. Coomes, H. Ko\c cak & K. J. Palmer
    Graph Theory and Universal Algebra go Hand in Hand
    C. C. Lindner
    Joint Australian Mathematical Society - American Mathematical Society Meeting
    Melbourne July 1999
    Report from Conference to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Death of G. H. Hardy

  • 217 {\quad Australian Mathematical Society News}

    Announcement - MISG '98
    Visiting Mathematicians
    Notices of Preprints

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