The aim of The Random Sample is to open up the world of the mathematical sciences to a whole new audience by showcasing interesting maths and stats research, as well as exploring issues of importance.

The first four episodes for Season 2 are available:

  • Matilda to the rescue: Professor Kate Smith-Miles talks about the issue of trust when it comes to algorithms, and what her team has created to really ‘stress-test’ algorithms.
  • Weighing up evidence in criminal courts and at a king’s burial site: Professor David Balding explores the use of statistical genetics in the legal system, and in identifying the remains of a medieval king.
  • MARVEL-lous casting: Professor Matt Roughan shows how he’s using maths to help explain the popularity of the Marvel Comics Universe.
  • A day can make a difference: Dr Amie Albrecht, Dr Melissa Humphries, and Dr Rachael Quill talk about the successful “Women In Maths” Day event held in Australia this year. What has come of it, and what’s ahead when it comes to the issue of gender equity in the mathematical sciences.

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