Mathematics Education Special Sessions AustMS 2016

The following talks were presented in the mathematics education special session at AustMS 2016:

  • Birgit Loch and Chris Tisdell, Closed captions on instructional videos in mathematics. (slides)
  • Anthony Morphett, Biomedicine student perceptions of the role and relevance of mathematics
  • Collin Grant Phillips, Improving Representations of Mathematical Modelling from Research to Learning and Teaching
  • Deborah Jackson, Implementing a multi-modal, cross-disciplinary mathematics support program for the Sciences and the Health Sciences (slides)
  • Jonathan Kress, Improving mathematical communication skills with individualised peer assessed assignments (slides)
  • Birgit Loch, Rosy Borland, and Nadia Sukhorukova, How to engage students in blended learning in a mathematics course: The students’ views. (slides)
  • Katherine Seaton and Birgit Loch, The mathematics-specific learning and teaching professional development unit (slides)
  • Brendan Cooney and Laura Kocoska, RMIT Maths Ready Program (slides)
  • Mujo Mesanovic, Impact of TI-Nspire toward instructors’ teaching and students’ learning in statistics classes. (slides)
  • Leigh Wood, Task design in undergraduate mathematics. (guide) (Task design) (handout)

Updated: 12 Sep 2017