Phylomania 2019

Name:Phylomania 2019
Calendar:Conferences & meetings
When:Wed, November 20, 2019, 11:00 am - Sat, November 23, 2019, 11:00 am

Phylomania 2019: It Goes To Eleven

The Eleventh UTAS (mainly) Theoretical Phylogenetics Meeting

including Workshop on Stochastic and Algebraic Models for Genome Evolution

Dates: 20–22 November 2019
Venue: University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay Campus, Hobart

If you haven't yet made it to Phylomania, the annual Tasmanian conference in phylogenetics both theoretical and applied, you have not a moment to lose.

This year, through the generous support of AMSI, AustMS, ANZIAM, and the ARC Centre of Research Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers, we will have three extra special keynote speakers:

  • Prof. Nadia El-Mabrouk (Univ. Montréal, Canada)
    — supported by AMSI/AustMS/AMZIAM
  • Dist. Prof. Seth Sullivant (North Caroline State Univ., USA)
    — supported by AMSI/AustMS/AMZIAM
  • Dr Sophie Hautpenne (Univ. Melbourne)
    — supported by ACEMS

Phylomania is a vibrant, exciting conference held in beautiful Hobart, Tasmania. Phylomania is welcoming to all researchers from every stage in their careers. Everyone gets to talk, and everyone listens. Bring your wild ideas or favourite neglected results, bring your sunscreen and hat, and bring your appetite!

Phylogenetics is concerned with one of the most important problem in biology: reconstructing the evolutionary history of present-day organisms from molecular data, such as DNA, or morphological characters.

  • Hidden from view, in phylogenetics software packages used by biologists, are algorithms implementing stochastic and combinatorial methods on binary trees, as well as more general network structures.
  • The mathematics involved represent a unique confluence of probability theory, discrete mathematics, stochastic methods, and statistical inference, as well as algebraic methods such as group theory.
  • There are many important theoretical and practical problems that arise, such as statistical identifiability of models, consistency and convergence of methods.
  • These problems can only be solved using a multi-disciplinary approach.

Phylomania brings together internationally recognised experts, with the aim of discussing the pressing research problems in phylogenetics.


A/Prof. Michael Charleston
Mathematical Biology Group
Associate Head of School (Learning and Teaching)
School of Natural Sciences
University of Tasmania
Phone: +61 3 6226 2444

Location:University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay Campus, Hobart Map
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