Unit Organisation

Learning structure

All details on the schedule, assessment, intended learning outcomes and teaching arrangements can be found in the unit outline.

We have set up the modules with a linear structure. The first seven modules are oriented to teaching a small section of a unit, such as a class or lecture, and the next five are directed to the more complex role of coordinating a unit and a teaching team.

Each module should take approximately three hours to complete, plus assessment.

We have assessment tasks for you to do in the unit. These tasks relate directly to your teaching and will be assessed by the project team. You will receive a certificate from the AustMS upon successful completion of the unit and the assessment tasks. The assessment tasks are outlined in the unit outline and can be submitted electronically. Your assessments are visible only to the unit co-ordinator, who will provide you with feedback.

The learning outcomes are equivalent to a one semester unit of a Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Higher Education.

There is a glossary with terms that you may not be familiar with - they have been put in a mathematical context. We also provide tools for you to adapt for your classes.

Unit dates

The unit will be open for you to complete at your own pace. Please refer to the unit outlinefor the due dates of assessment tasks.

Learning community

We encourage you to add to the discussion board as you work through the modules. In each module we will invite you to post a response to one task but feel free to add more as you wish. The tasks through the modules are for you to reflect on and are not assessed. The discussion board is visible only to participants in the unit and the unit co-ordinator.

You can ask to be assigned a "buddy". This is someone else who has signed up for the unit that you can chat with offline. We ask the buddies to contact each other once a week to check on progress and any issues. You could swap assessment tasks with your buddy for comment before submitting them.

Have your say

We would really appreciate your input to make these modules more useful. We will then refine the unit materials so they more accurately reflect your teaching needs. We ask that you complete the feedback forms before you commence the unit, at the end of each module, and after you finish the unit.

Please forgive typos, inconsistencies and other glitches. If you encounter any difficulties in working through the modules, please note them in the feedback forms.

Updated: 08 Jul 2016