Student Support

Student Support at Annual Conferences

An amount, as determined by Council from time to time, will be available to support students of the Australian Mathematical Society who attend the annual conference and present a paper, and who reside outside the capital city in which the conference is being held.

This will encourage students to attend the annual Australian Mathematical Society conferences; it will emphasise the importance of students giving presentations about their work; and it will provide students with a small example of ways of obtaining funding to support their research eff orts.

If students are not members of the Society, they must join at the time of this application. Details are available online.

Applications should be made through the online Wiki-page, where the conferences are listed, for which support is available. After choosing the conference, the maximum amount of support available is normally given.

Your application should contain details of the full cost of travel, including air fares, registration, transfer fares, accommodation, and conference dinner if that is not included in the conference registration fee. All support obtained, or applied for, from all other sources must be listed or an explanation should be given as to why there is no other support available.

Updated: 20 Jan 2015