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Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society

Series A - Pure Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 65 Part 3 (1998)

S. C. Bagchi and Swagato K. Ray
Uncertainty principles like Hardy's theorem on some Lie groups
(pp 289-302)
E. S. Belinsky
Strong summability for the Marcinkiewicz means in the integral metric and related questions
(pp 303-312)
Atsuko Katanaga and Osamu Saeki
Embeddings of quaternion space in S4
(pp 313-325)
A. V. Kelarev
Directed graphs and nilpotent rings
(pp 326-332)
Zsolt Lengvárszky and George F. McNulty
Covering in the lattice of subuniverses of a finite distributive lattice
(pp 333-353)
Lajos Molnár
An algebraic approach to Wigner's unitary-antiunitary theorem
(pp 354-369)
C. W. Onneweer and T. S. Quek
Lp-multipliers of mixed-norm type on locally compact Vilenkin groups
(pp 370-387)
Narcisse Randrianantoanina
Hilbert transform associated with finite maximal subdiagonal algebras
(pp 388-404)
Kazuhiro Sakai
Non-expansive derived horseshoes
(pp 405-415)
Neil A. Watson
Time-isolated singularities of temperatures
(pp 416-429)