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Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society

Series A - Pure Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 65 Part 2 (1998)

P. Vértesi
On the Lebesgue function of weighted Lagrange interpolation. II
(pp 145-162)
B. D. Craven and D. V. Luu
Lagrangian conditions for a nonsmooth vector-valued minimax
(pp 163-175)
Antonio Fernández and Francisco Naranjo
Operators and the space of integrable scalar functions with respect to a Fréchet-valued measure
(pp 176-193)
Ronald L. Lipsman
The Plancherel formula for the horocycle spaces and generalizations, II
(pp 194-211)
John E. van den Berg
A note on uniform bounds of primeness in matrix rings
(pp 212-223)
L. A. Kurdachenko and I. Y. Subbotin
Groups whose proper quotients are hypercentral
(pp 224-237)
R. C. Vaughan
Hardy's legacy to number theory
(pp 238-266)
M. Joswig and B. Straub
On the numerical range map
(pp 267-283)
W. D. Munn
A note on special involutions
(pp 284-288)