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Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society

Series A - Pure Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 64 Part 3 (1998)

H. France-Jackson
On special atoms
(pp 1-19)
D. G. FitzGerald and Jonathan Leech
Dual symmetric inverse monoids and representation theory
(pp 20-32)
C. Frappier
Representation formulas for entire functions of exponential type and generalized Bernoulli polynomials
(pp 33-43)
Bhamini M. P. Nayar
A remark on C-Compact Spaces
(pp 44-53)
Burak Erdogan and I. V. Ostrovskii
On mixture representation of the Linnik density
(pp 54-72)
René L. Schilling
Subordination in the sense of Bochner and a related functional calculus
(pp 73-81)
Ja A Jeong and Hiroyuki Osaka
Extremally rich $C^*$-crossed products and the cancellation property
(pp 82-91)
Gunnar Traustason
On groups in which every subgroup is subnormal of defect at most three
(pp 92-100)
Donald I. Cartwright and Tim Steger
Application of the Bruhat-Tits tree of $SU_3(h)$\linebreak to some ${\tilde A}_2$ groups
(pp 101-118)