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Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society

Series A - Pure Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 64 Part 2 (1998)

George Maxwell
Euler characteristics and imbeddings of hyperbolic Coxeter groups
(pp 149-161)
Matej Bresar
On certain pairs of automorphisms of rings, II
(pp 162-167)
Jiling Cao, Ivan L. Reilly and Salvador Romaguera
Some properties of quasiuniform multifunction spaces
(pp 169-177)
David Masser
Multiplicative isogeny estimates
(pp 178-194)
Miguel Ferrero and Edmund R. Puczy\lowski
The singular ideal and radicals
(pp 195-209)
J. Minkler, G. Minkler and G. Richardson
T-regular probabilistic convergence spaces
(pp 210-221)
Gilbert Baumslag, Martin R. Bridson and Karl W. Gruenberg
On the absence of cohomological finiteness in wreath products
(pp 222-230)
Chen Huaihui and Peter Lappan
Products of spherical derivatives and normal functions
(pp 231-246)
W. J. Ricker
Rybakov's theorem in Fréchet spaces and completeness of L1-spaces
(pp 247-252)
Bolis Basit and A. J. Pryde
Ergodicity and differences of functions on semi-groups
(pp 253-265)
Antal Balog and Trevor D. Wooley
On strings of consecutive integers with no large prime factors
(pp 266-276)
Ravi P. Agarwal and Donal O'Regan
Difference equations in abstract spaces
(pp 277-284)