Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society

Series A - Pure Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 64 Part 1 (1998)

Jacqui Ramagge and Wayne W. Wheeler
Posets and differential graded algebras
(pp 1-19)
Alberto G. Setti
Lp - Lr estimates for the Poisson semigroup on homogeneous trees
(pp 20-32)
A. Ballester-Bolinches, A. Martine-Pastor and M.D. Perez-Ramos
A family of dominant Fitting classes of finite soluble groups
(pp 33-43)
Hisao Kato
The depth of centres of maps on dendrites
(pp 44-53)
T. H. Marshall
Truncated tetrahedra and their reflection groups
(pp 54-72)
Jurang Yan
Oscillations of higher order neutral differential equations
(pp 73-81)
Francesca Dalla Volta and Andrea Lucchini
Finite groups that need more generators than any proper quotient
(pp 82-91)
R. G. Burns and Yuri Medvedev
A note on Engel groups and local nilpotence
(pp 92-100)
J. Bonet, P. Domanski, M. Lindstrom and J. Taskinen
Composition operators between weighted Banach spaces of analytic functions
(pp 101-118)
Tsuyoshi Kajiwara and Yasuo Watatani
Crossed products of Hilbert C*-bimodules by bundles
(pp 119-135)
Karel Stroethoff
Compact Toeplitz operators on weighted harmonic Bergman spaces
(pp 136-148)