J. Aust. Math. Soc.  81 (2006), 185-198
Inverse semigroups determined by their partial automorphism monoids

Simon M. Goberstein
  Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  California State University
  Chico, CA 95929

The partial automorphism monoid of an inverse semigroup is an inverse monoid consisting of all isomorphisms between its inverse subsemigroups. We prove that a tightly connected fundamental inverse semigroup $S$ with no isolated nontrivial subgroups is lattice determined `modulo semilattices' and if $T$ is an inverse semigroup whose partial automorphism monoid is isomorphic to that of $S$, then either $S$ and $T$ are isomorphic or they are dually isomorphic chains relative to the natural partial order; a similar result holds if $T$ is any semigroup and the inverse monoids consisting of all isomorphisms between subsemigroups of $S$ and $T$, respectively, are isomorphic. Moreover, for these results to hold, the conditions that $S$ be tightly connected and have no isolated nontrivial subgroups are essential.
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