J. Aust. Math. Soc.  74 (2003), 379-392
An embedding construction for ordered groups

Vahagn H. Mikaelian
  Department of Informatics and Computer Science
  Yerevan State University
  375025 Yerevan

Generalizing and strengthening some well-known results of Higman, B. Neumann, Hanna Neumann and Dark on embeddings into two-generator groups, we introduce a construction of subnormal verbal embedding of an arbitrary (soluble, fully ordered or torsion free) ordered countable group into a two-generator ordered group with these properties. Further, we establish subnormal verbal embedding of defect two of an arbitrary (soluble, fully ordered or torsion free) ordered group G into a group with these properties and of the same cardinality as G, and show in connection with a problem of Heineken that the defect of such an embedding cannot be made smaller, that is, such verbal embeddings of ordered groups cannot in general be normal.
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