ANZIAM  J.  47 (2005), 39-50
Plane poloidal-toroidal decomposition of doubly periodic vector fields. Part 2. The Stokes equations

G. D. McBain
  School of Aerospace
  Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
  The University of Sydney

We continue our study of the adaptation from spherical to doubly periodic slot domains of the poloidal-toroidal representation of vector fields. Building on the successful construction of an orthogonal quinquepartite decomposition of doubly periodic vector fields of arbitrary divergence with integral representations for the projections of known vector fields and equivalent scalar representations for unknown vector fields (Part 1), we now present a decomposition of vector field equations into an equivalent set of scalar field equations. The Stokes equations for slow viscous incompressible fluid flow in an arbitrary force field are treated as an example, and for them the application of the decomposition uncouples the conservation of momentum equation from the conservation of mass constraint. The resulting scalar equations are then solved by elementary methods. The extension to generalised Stokes equations resulting from the application of various time discretisation schemes to the Navier-Stokes equations is also solved.
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