ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 46   Part 4
APRIL   2005

A robust linearisation scheme for a nonlinear elliptic boundary value problem: Error estimates  
    Marian Slodicka 449
Robust $H_\infty$ stabilisation with definite attenuance of an uncertain impulsive switched system  
    Honglei Xu, Xinzhi Liu and Kok Lay Teo 471
Ramaswami's duality and probabilistic algorithms for determining the rate matrix for a structured GI / M / 1 Markov chain  
    Emma Hunt 485
Diffusion theory can be applied to antibodies attaching to ligand sites  
    D. P. Wilson and D. L. S. McElwain 495
The stability of a curved, heated boundary layer: linear and nonlinear problems  
    C. E. Watson and S. R. Otto 507
Oscillation of impulsive delay differential equations and applications to population dynamics  
    Jurang Yan, Aimin Zhao and Linping Peng 545
Sharp integral inequalities based on general Euler two-point formulae  
    J. Pecaric, I. Peric and A. Vukelic 555
Point-joint coordinate formulation for the dynamic analysis of generalised planar linkages  
    Hazem Ali Attia 575

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