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Date & Time: Tuesday 27 November 2018, 2pm (AEDT – GMT+11)

Speaker: Katherine Seaton (Latrobe)

Title: Integrating integrity

Abstract: Mathematics tasks of the type assigned to undergraduates are overlooked in the academic integrity literature, and in much of the instructional material for students about misconduct. In this talk, I will present an overview of my forthcoming e-book which begins to address this lack of specific and targeted information. In particular, I will discuss what mathematics can apply from the general scholarship, and from areas like computer science which have, by way of contrast, developed a large body of discipline-specific literature. I will then go on to present some of the 26 scenarios provided as on-line or in-class discussion starters in the book, which will be published as an open educational resource by La Trobe University’s e-Bureau early next year.

Seminar recording:

Date & Time: Wednesday 8th August 2018, 1pm (AEDT – GMT+11)

Speaker: Dmitry Demskoy (Charles Sturt University)

Title: A method of creating automated formative assessment by means of computer algebra, LaTeX and PDF forms

Abstract: I will explain a method of creating maths/stats assessments using a computer algebra system (e.g. Maple) and show some examples of such assessments from the subjects I teach. The method requires some programming experience from the teaching staff, but allows creating individualised assessments that can also be automatically marked. I will explore the potential benefits of this method to both students and staff.

Seminar recording:

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