Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society - Editors

Staff and addresses


The Editor of the Journal is Jon Berrick with Michael Coons as Deputy Editor. Contact them regarding all policy matters:

Decisions concerning publication of papers are made by the Editor based on reports of referees and advice from Associate Editors.


The Secretary of the journal is Judith Borwein. Contact her about the status of papers submitted, all matters concerning receipt of letters, to make deliveries of electronic source and on any other matters not covered above.

Article submissions

To submit an article to this journal, first register as an author at the ScholarOne submission site.
Papers submitted prior to October 2014 are processed at the old submission site.

Associate Editors

The list of Associate Editors, together with a brief description of their area of interests, is as follows.

Editors in chief Area of interests
J. Berrick K-theory, algebraic topology,
and related group theory (MSC 19, 55, 20)
M. Coons number theory, Diophantine approx., combinatorics
Associate editors Area of interests
B. Alspach graph theory and combinatorics
L.M. Batten finite geometries, designs, cryptology
D. Chan algebraic geometry and non-commutative algebra
F. Cirstea PDEs and functional analysis
L.O. Clarke functional analysis, representations of rings and algebras
J. East semi-group theory
M. Giudici groups, combinatorial structures
A. Henderson algebra and representation theory, group theory and generalizations
V. Jeyakumar convex analysis and optimisation
F. Larussoncomplex analysis, complex algebraic and analytic geometry
B. Martin group theory and generalizations, algebraic geometry, algebraic groups, computational algebra, and finite geometry
J. McCoy Algebra, combinatorics, semigroups
C. Meaney harmonic analysis, lie groups and homogeneous spaces
W. Moors functional analysis and topology
M.K. Murray differential geometry and topology, mathematical physics
I.E. Shparlinski number theory
A. Sims operator and Banach algebras, functional analysis
V.T. Stefanovprobability and statistics
T. TaoFields Medalist

Updated: 09 Aug 2019