Volume 44 Number 1 March 2017

  Complete issue (2MB)


2 Editorial (99KB)
Sid Morris
5 President's Column (82KB)
Kate Smith-Miles
7 Puzzle Corner 46 (79KB)
Peter M. Higgins
9 AustMS Medals (86KB)
11 Mathematics-in-Industry for New Zealand 2017 (103KB)
Graeme Wake and Seumas McCroskery
14 Special MERGA 40 Conference 2017 (85KB)
Jan Thomas
15 8th Australia New Zealand Mathematics Convention (62KB)
Paul Norbury
18 Guttmann 2015: 70 and Counting (185KB)
Judy-anne Osborn
26 Animal, Vegetal, Mineral (78KB)
Gerd Schroeder-Turk
29 Obituary: Wendy Robertson (98KB)
Cheryl E. Praeger and Stephen A. Saxon
33 Obituary: Anne Penfold Street AM (87KB)
Diane Donovan
36 A Poincaré duality in K-theory (105KB)
Hao Guo
39 Book Review (73KB)
Why is there Philosophy of Mathematics at all?
by Ian Hacking
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
42 AAG News (98KB)
Brian Davey
44 AMSI News (97KB)
Geoff Prince
47 Mathematical Research Institute MATRIX (93KB)
David Wood
49 NCMS News (75KB)
Peter Forrester
52 News (114KB)
70 AustMS (86KB)
Peter Stacey


  OPTIMISE 26-30 June, 2017 (216KB)
  Where can AMSIIntern take you? (774KB)
  AMSI Research Report 2015-2016 (211KB)
  AMSI Winter School 17: 26 June - 7 July, 2017 (110KB)

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