Volume 38 Number 4 September 2011

Complete issue (1.7MB)


190 Editorial (42KB)
191 President's column (107KB)
Peter Taylor
194 Maths Matters: The ATN Industry Doctoral Training Centre in Mathematics and Statistics (116KB)
Lee White
198 Puzzle corner 24 (183KB)
Ivan Guo
204 Obituary: Grant Cox (95KB)
School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics, University of Wollongong
206 Enhancing the Jordan canonical form (142KB)
Anthony Henderson
212 A mathematical model for layer formation (79KB)
James Caffrey
214 Lift-off fellowship report: Using interior point algorithms to solve the Hamiltonian cycle problem by exploiting a Markov decision process embedding (103KB)
Michael Haythorpe
217 AMSI News (337KB)
Geoff Prince
222 News (100KB)
233 AustMS (55KB)


BioInfo Summer2011: AMSI Summer Symposium in Bioinformatics (461KB)
AMSI workshop funding rounds (969KB)
AMSI Vacation Research Scholarships (671KB)
AMSI Summer School (3.1MB)

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