Volume 38 Number 2 May 2011

Complete issue (2MB)


68 Editorial (66KB)
69 President's column (242KB)
Peter Taylor
72 Classroom Notes: Threshold concepts (147KB)
ALTC project: A national discipline-specific professional development program for lecturers and tutors in the mathematical sciences
75 Maths Matters: A critique of `Best Current Practices for Journals' (147KB)
Michael G. Cowling
79 Puzzle corner 22 (193KB)
Ivan Guo
86 Australian Academy of Science Fellows (180KB)
88 Winner of the 2011 J.H. Michell Medal (98KB)
90 MathWest workshop and IMU Meeting at The University of Western Australia (168KB)
John Bamberg and Michael Giudici
92 Lift-off fellowship report: Mathematical modelling of infectious diseases (61KB)
Roslyn Hickson
93 Using the finite simple groups (168KB)
Cheryl E. Praeger
98 Book reviews (885KB)
  • Number Theory by J.E. Pommersheim, T.K. Marks and E.L. Flapan (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
  • Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes by D. Taimina (Reviewed by Frances Mills and Terry Mills)
104 AMSI News (123KB)
Geoff Prince
107 News (156KB)
121 AustMS (147KB)


AMSI 2011 Graduate Winter School in Mathematical Sciences (1.1MB)
AMSI Workshop Funding Rounds (492KB)
AMSI Industry Internship Program (102KB)

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