Volume 32 Number 3, July 2005

Complete issue (2.7MB)


142 Editorial
144 President's Column
Michael Cowling
146 Letter to the editors
Ian Roberts
148 Math matters
Iain Raeburn
151 Mathellaneous
Norman Do
162 My brilliant career
Gordon Thompson
169 The 11th problem
Catherine Greenhill
173 2005 Queen's Birthday honours
174 Obituary H.S. Booth
Sue Wilson
176 The number of wins required to qualify for the AFL finals
Bob Clarke
179 What is mathematics?
Patrick Bangert
187 Report on the Mathematics-in-Industry Study Group 2005
Graeme Wake
192 Report on the ICIAM board meeting 2005
Neville de Mestre
193 Connected co-spectral graphs are not necessarily both Hamiltonian
Jerzy Filar, Amit Gupta and Stephen Lucas
194 Comments on the paper "Wallis' sequence ... '' by Lampret
Mike Hirschhorn
195 From tent-like functions to Lucas sequences
Javier Duoandikoetxea
199 Book Reviews
210 News
216 AMSI News

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