Careers - Jamin Flohr

Hi, although I’m trained as an optometrist, I have returned to my true love — Maths.

My enjoyment of maths has been long standing. In high school I won a silver medal in the Australian Maths Olympiad (1992) and prizes in the Westpac Maths Competition and QAMT competitions over several years.

After high school, I decided to follow a career in Optometry but found it dull in comparison to mathematical problem solving, so I returned to study and graduated with a B.Sc (Math) last year, I am doing Honours this year with a thesis on localizing relativistic electrons.

Outside of studies I play volleyball, indoor cricket and basketball, and if possible, would like to spend every waking moment playing computer strategy games like Starcraft and Diablo II. I hope to continue my studies and do a PhD in Mathematical Physics.

Updated: 18 Sep 2007