Mathematicians and Students ...

If you are a graduate in mathematics or a student close to completion and are interested in having your C.V. posted on our CV listings, then:

  1. Download the template file, and follow the instructions
  2. E-mail the completed template.html file to
  3. If you wish to make your full C.V. publicly available on our web site, attach this to your e-mail
  4. Only C.V.s from candidates currently residing in Australia will be posted
  5. C.V.s are posted for a period of 90 days
  6. To extend this 90 period, send an e-mail to with the words "Repost C.V.: your full name" in the subject line.

Employers ...

If you are looking for an outstanding graduate with mathematics qualifications view the summaries of C.V.s on our CV listings.

You can download or request a full C.V. from anyone you may be interested in. Please ensure you include an organisation or company name with any e-mail requests.


Updated: 16 Jul 2014