Dr Richard Garner from Macquarie University and Associate Professor Anthony Licata from the Australian National University (ANU) were named joint recipients of the 2017 Australian Mathematical Society Medal for excellence under 40.

AustMS President, Professor Kate Smith-Miles congratulated the pair on their outstanding contributions to their fields and the national and global mathematical landscape.

“Outstanding researchers and discipline champions, this year’s medal winners have both made an indelible impact on mathematical understanding in Australia and well beyond,” she said.

Dr Richard Garner, a Senior Lecturer and ARC Future Fellow with Macquarie University’s Department of Mathematics, was honoured for his work as a category theorist. Highly respected for his creativity, Richard is known for his work finding new connections between abstract algebra, computer science and topology­ – the mathematical study of space and connectivity. Dr Garner described the AustMS medal as a great honour.

“To be recognised in this way and in the company of Anthony is a tremendous honour. Australia has a deep and beautiful intellectual heritage in my area of research, and I am proud to have been able to engage with and contribute to that,” he said.

An Associate Professor at the ANU’s Mathematical Sciences Institute, Anthony Licata was honoured for his work in geometric representation theory and categorification. Research that has deepened our understanding of modern mathematical notions of symmetry. His ability to form connections between disparate fields has both paved the way to solve outstanding problems and also set new directions for future mathematical research.

“I thank the Australian Mathematical Society for this award, and for the honour of sharing it with Richard. The Australian mathematical community has been especially welcoming to me in the last six years, and very I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute in some small way to Australian mathematics,” said Associate Professor Licata.

Today’s ceremony marks the start of the 2017 AustMS annual meeting at Macquarie University in Sydney. A fixture in the Australian mathematical sciences calendar, this event’s diverse program of cutting edge mathematical methodologies and research provides an essential platform for national and international collaboration.

The Australian Mathematical Society Medal

Awarded annually to a society member under 40, the Australian Mathematical Society Medal recognises distinguished research in the mathematical sciences. A significant portion of this research should have been carried out in Australia. Read more.

Professor Kate Smith-Miles and award winners available for Interview.