These beliefs are important because they influence the ways in which pre-service teachers think about mathematics and interact with their students. Teacher beliefs and practices, in turn, affect the degree of engagement and enjoyment that school students experience in learning mathematics.

This project aims to:

  • Identify and document the beliefs about mathematics and mathematics teaching and learning of mathematicians, mathematics educators and pre-service teachers.
  • Determine how mathematicians and mathematics educators describe any differences between practices within their disciplines and their teaching of the discipline;
  • Investigate how pre-service teachers make sense of the meanings of mathematics they take from their mathematics and mathematics education courses; and
  • Develop strategies to increase the collaboration across the boundaries between mathematicians and mathematics educators

We invite you to participate in a survey to identify and document your beliefs about mathematics and mathematics teaching and learning.

By completing this survey you are giving us your consent to participate in the project. The survey can be completed by the following link

Survey respondents from Griffith University, University of Queensland and University of the Sunshine Coast will then be invited to participate in an interview. The interview will be de-identified for storage, dissemination and publication.

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Prof Merrilyn Goos.