This will be the first meeting of FMfI outside of Japan. The purpose of the meeting is to highlight the relationship between mathematics and industry, and the focus of the event is on Biology, Agriculture and Environment. This event will provide students and academics from Japan, New Zealand, Australia and other international locations an opportunity to exchange ideas about the use of mathematics for industrial applications.

Student registration is free provided that the student makes a poster presentation. For a limited number of eligible Australian students who are unable to secure financial support from their home institution, partial financial support provided by AMSI may be available through the organisers by contacting Professor Ian Turner ( .

Written versions of the talks will be published in Springer proceedings of the forum. Full details about the location, registration, list of invited speakers and an electronic copy of the poster for the meeting can be found at The forum is a key activity of the Asia Pacific Consortium of Mathematics for Industry (APCMfI)

Ian Turner and Matthew Simpson