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I think that researchers in the mathematical sciences consider it obvious that a dedicated institute improves quality and impact of research. A research institute has been a shared wish of many Australian mathematical scientists for a long time, yet despite several attempts over many years, Australia has remained one of the very few developed countries without such an institute.

ACEMS logo In 2014 the momentum generated by the formation of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS) provided a rare and narrow window of opportunity which was too good to let pass, and so we went ahead. Instigated by ACEMS and by its Faculty of Science, The University of Melbourne decided in 2015 to put significant funding behind the formation of an international research institute in the mathematical sciences at a fixed venue in Victoria, called MATRIX. The aims of MATRIX are simple, to increase quality and impact of all Australian research in the mathematical sciences and to encourage interaction between mathematical and statistical researchers, whether they work in industry and/or academia.

Similar research institutes around the world each have a different modus operandi determined by the local context. After consultation with several colleagues we concluded that in the first years MATRIX programs should last between 2-6 weeks as this would work best in Australia. I expect around 20 residents present at any one time during a research program, but not necessarily the same 20 people each week. I also expect that MATRIX programs will usually contain a focus week in which a conference or embedded AMSI sponsored workshop may be held with a larger number of participants, and that programs of more than three weeks would include advanced-level short courses or a postgraduate lecture series.

MATRIX’ first call for activities in 2016 has recently closed and successful programs will be announced shortly. In 2016 these programs will take place at the Creswick campus, located in the heart of Victoria’s gold country and close to the popular getaways of Hepburn springs, Daylesford and Ballarat. We expect to run the first MATRIX program in June 2016.

MATRIX now invites prospective organisers to submit proposals for programs in 2017, the submission deadline is Friday 26 February 2016.
Submission guidelines and further information can be obtained from

Programs submitted to MATRIX will be approved by the scientific committee of MATRIX whose members are selected to cover a wide range of expertise. The current committee members are:

MATRIX is fortunate to have a broad and strong Advisory Board chaired by

Current members of the board are:

We hope that the composition of the Scientific Committee and Advisory Board clearly demonstrates the intentions of MATRIX:

  • to have a broad outlook and to be of benefit to the wider Australian mathematical sciences community.

If you would like to know more about MATRIX, its mission or have queries about the submission guidelines, please contact me or our office staff Kate Hall or Lynne Williamson at

Jan de Gier
Director MATRIX