At the Forum, the recipients of the Abel Prize, the ACM A.M. Turing Award, the Fields Medal, and the Nevanlinna Prize engage in a cross-generational scientific dialogue with young researchers in Heidelberg, Germany. Although there are only 200 places worldwide for mathematical and computer scientists, last year 5 Australian mathematical scientists were selected: see

Those selected will be eligible to apply for travel support, provided jointly by the Society and AMSI.

There are two ways of applying and applicants can use either or both.

Applications directly to the HLF must be made by February 3rd 2016 (but HLF reserves the right to close applications earlier). Details of the process can be found at .

The Australian Academy of Science, as Australia's IMU Adhering Organization, can nominate young researchers for priority treatment by the HLF selection committee. Applications via the Academy must be made by 8th January 2016. Details of the process can be found at