The Australian Academy of Science, through the National Committee for Mathematical Sciences (NCMS), is overseeing the development of the first Decadal Plan for the Mathematical Sciences. The Decadal Plan will consist of three broad components.

  • An assessment of the current state of the mathematical sciences in Australia;
  • A description and prioritisation of opportunities for the future (2015–2025); and
  • An outline of strategies to achieve these priorities.

Further information about the plan can be found at

Call for Submissions

The Steering Committee for the Decadal Plan is calling for written submissions on the themes identified by its subcommittees for guiding the development of the Decadal Plan. Submissions must be received by the Steering Committee through the Decadal Plan website by 31 March 2013.


Those contemplating a written submission on the proposed themes for the Decadal Plan for the Mathematical Sciences in Australia may provide a submission on a subset of the “themes” (available through the Committees page) or the whole set of themes. You are encouraged to consider the themes from a variety of perspectives, e.g., educational versus workforce issues, local versus national concerns, current versus future needs, capabilities and constraints, or a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) analysis. If you are addressing one or more themes in your submission, please identify them. You may also wish to draw our attention to matters in the review process that you think might be improved. For example, you might wish to report gaps you see in the identified themes, which are nevertheless important for guiding the development of the Decadal Plan; or you might wish to provide other suggestions. (Bear in mind, however, that funding for the review comes from the mathematical sciences community itself, and that this limits our opportunities.) You are also welcome to attach, link to or suggest related documents that provide meaningful statistics or telling examples.

Further information on submissions can be found at