IWOCA 2017

Name:IWOCA 2017
Calendar:International Congresses
When:Mon, July 17, 2017 - Fri, July 21, 2017

IWOCA 2017

28th International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms

Dates: 17–21 July 2017
Venue: Newcastle, Australia

This is a very special IWOCA, dedicated to the memory of Prof. Mirka Miller. Mirka was one of the founders of IWOCA (then known as AWOCA) and had attended many gatherings of this workshop since its initiation in 1988. She had been an active member of the IWOCA Steering Committee since its inception in 2006.

The series of IWOCA conferences grew out of over 25 years history of the International (since 2007) respectively Australasian (until 2006) Workshops on Combinatorial Algorithms. Previous IWOCA and AWOCA meetings have been held in Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, UK, and the US.

Previous IWOCAs can be found at http://www.iwoca.org/


We solicit high-quality papers in the broad area of combinatorial algorithms.
The topics include (but are not restricted to):

  • Complexity Theory
  • Graph Theory & Combinatorics
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Cryptography & Information Security
  • Algorithms on Strings & Graphs
  • Graph Drawing & Labelling
  • Computational Algebra & Geometry
  • Computational Biology
  • Probabilistic & Randomised Algorithms
  • Algorithms for Big Data Analytics
  • New Paradigms of Computation

Invited Speakers

Organising Committee

  • Ljiljana Brankovic – co-chair
  • Joe Ryan – co-chair
  • Stephan Chalup
  • Yuqing Lin
  • Alexandre Mendes
  • Nasimul Noman
  • Mira Park
  • Juliane Turner
  • Mujiangshan Wang

Program Committee

  • Donald Adjeroh (West Virginia University)
  • Hideo Bannai (Kyushu University)
  • Cristina Bazgan (University Paris Dauphine)
  • Ljiljana Brankovic (University of Newcastle, co-chair)
  • Pino Cabellero-Gil (University of La Laguna)
  • Charles Colbourn (Arizona State University)
  • Tatjana Davidovic (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
  • Vlad Estivill-Castro (Griffith University)
  • Graham Farr (Monash University)
  • Michael Fellows (University of Bergen)
  • Gabriele Fici (University of Palermo)
  • Serge Gaspers (University of New South Wales)
  • Pinar Heggernes (University of Bergen)
  • Seok-Hee Hong (University of Sydney)
  • Peter Horak (University of Washington, Tacoma)
  • Jesper Jansson (Kyoto University)
  • Ralf Klasing (CNRS Bordeaux)
  • Christian Komusiewicz (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
  • Jan Kratochvil (Charles University)
  • Thierry Lecroq (University of Rouen)
  • Zsuzsanna Lipták (University of Verona)
  • Petra Mutzel (TU Dortmund)
  • Kunsoo Park (Seoul National University)
  • Vangelis Paschos (University Paris Dauphine)
  • Christophe Paul (CNRS Montpellier)
  • Solon Pissis (King's College London)
  • Simon J. Puglisi (University of Helsinki)
  • Gordon Royle (University of Western Australia)
  • Frances Rosamond (University of Bergen)
  • Frank Ruskey (University of Victoria)
  • Joe Ryan (University of Newcastle) – co-chair
  • Oliver Schaudt (University of Köln)
  • Andrea Semaničová-Feňovčíková (Technical University of Kosice)
  • Jamie Simpson (Murdoch University)
  • Michiel Smid (Carleton University)
  • Bill Smyth (McMaster University) – co-chair
  • Sue Whitesides (University of Victoria)
  • Christos Zaroliagis (University of Patras)
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