The Australian Mathematical Society Medal - rules

Rules for the Australian Mathematical Society Medal

  1. There shall be a Medal known as “The Australian Mathematical Society Medal”.
    1. This will be awarded annually to a Member of the Society, under the age of 40 on 1st January of the year in which the Medal is awarded, for distinguished research in the Mathematical Sciences. The AustMS Medal Committee may, in cases where there have been significant interruptions to a mathematical career, waive this age limit by normally up to five years.
    2. A significant proportion of the research work should have been carried out in Australia.
    3. In order to be eligible, a nominee for the Medal has to have been a member of the Society for the calendar year preceding the year of the award; back dating of membership to the previous year is not acceptable.
  2. The award will be approved by the President on behalf of the Council of the Society on the recommendation of a Selection Committee appointed by the Council.
  3. The Selection Committee shall consist of 3 persons each appointed for a period of 3 years and known as “Incoming Chair”, “Chair” and “Outgoing Chair” respectively, together with a fourth person appointed each year for one year only.
  4. The Selection Committee will consult with appropriate assessors.
  5. The award of the Medal shall be recorded in one of the Society’s Journals along with the citation and photograph.
  6. The Selection Committee shall also prepare an additional citation in a form suitable for newspaper publication. This is to be embargoed until the Medal winner has been announced to the Society.
  7. One Medal shall be awarded each year, unless either no one of sufficient merit is found, in which case no Medal shall be awarded; or there is more than one candidate of equal (and sufficient) merit, in which case the committee can recommend the award of at most two Medals.

Updated: 13 Mar 2009