AustMS Student Support Scheme

The Student Support Scheme (SSS) provides funding to support student members of the Australian Mathematical Society, studying at an Australian university, to attend and present a paper at the annual conference and other approved conferences. AustMS has created the SSS because it believes in the importance of students giving presentations about their work. Applying to the scheme also provides students with a small, relatively painless, first experience of how to obtain funding to support their research efforts.

In order to be eligible for funding, students are required to present a talk at the conference.

If a student at an Australian university, is not yet a member of the Society, they must join at the time of this application. Details are available online at the Society's webpage.

Applications must be received by the date advertised for each conference. This deadline is firm.

Applications should be made via this online form. The panel requires details of the full cost of travel, including air fares, registration, transfer fares, accommodation, conference dinner (if that is not included in the conference registration fee) and childcare. At most half the full cost will be supplied by the SSS. The panel will want to know how the student plans to fund the rest of the costs. For this reason, all support obtained, or applied for, from all other sources must be listed in the Justification field at the end of the form, or an explanation as to why there is no other support available should be given.

Request for support

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SSS Panel members:

  • Amy Glen (Chair)
  • Giang Nguyen
  • James Parkinson

List of past conferences funded by the Student Support Scheme

  • 3rd Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference (02-04/07/2014, Newcastle) — applications closed: 02/06/2014.
  • 8th Australia- New Zealand Mathematics Convention (8-12th December 2014, Melbourne) — applications closed: 26/09/2014.
  • 59th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society (28 Sept - 1 Oct 2015, Adelaide) — applications closed: 01/06/2015.
  • 4th Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference (30 Nov - 2 Dec 2015, Hobart) — applications closed: 01/11/2015.
  • 60th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society (5-8 December 2016, Canberra) — applications closed: 16/09/2016.
  • 5th Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference (6-8 December 2017, Wollongong) — applications closed: 22/09/2017.
  • 61st Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society (12-15 December 2017, Macquarie University) — applications closed: 22/09/2017.


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