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Election of Officers and Ordinary Members of Council

Officers of Council: Nominations are invited for the following Officers for the Session commencing after the Annual General Meeting in July 1997:

President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer.

The present elected Officers of the Society are President: A.J. van der Poorten Vice-Presidents: A.L. Carey, D.W. Robinson Secretary: D. Elliott Treasurer: A. Howe.

Note that, according to paragraph 34 of the Constitution, A.L. Carey is not eligible for re-election as Vice-President.

Ordinary Members of Council: The present elected Ordinary Members of Council are:

  • members whose term of office expires in July 1997: D.P. Fearnley-Sander, B. Sims, B.H. Thompson
  • members whose term of office expires in July 1998: A.J. Baddeley, G.L. Cohen
  • members whose term of office expires in July 1999: N.G. Barton, A.J. Guttman, J.H. Rubinstein.

    Accordingly, nominations are invited for three positions as Ordinary Members of Council.

    Note that, according to paragraph 34 of the Constitution, D.P. Fearnley-Sander, B. Sims, and B.H. Thompson are not eligible for re-election as Ordinary Members.

    To comply with the Constitution, nominations should be signed by two members of the Society and by the nominee who shall also be a member of the Society. Nominations should reach the Secretary (whose name and address appear on the inside cover of the Gazette ) no later than Friday 9 May 1997.

    For information of members, the following persons are ex-officio members of the Council for the session 1995-1996.

  • Vice-President: E.O. Tuck (Chair of ANZIAM)
  • Editors: M.G. Cowling (Bulletin), I.R. Doust (Electronic Site), J.R.J. Groves (Journal A), J.H. Loxton (Lecture Note Series), T.M. Mills (Gazette), C.E.M. Pearce (Journal B).
  • Representative of ANZIAM: to be announced.
  • Public Officer: P.J. Cossey
  • Public Officer of AMPAI: M.F. Newman.


    The Society sponsors Special Interest Meetings on specialist topics at diverse geographical locations around Australia. This activity is seen as a means of generating a stronger professional profile for the Society within the Australian mathematical community, and of stimulating better communication between mathematicians with similar interests who are scattered throughout the country.

    These grants are intended for once-off meetings and not for regular meetings. If it is intended to hold regular meetings on a specific subject area, the organizers should consider forming a Special Interest Group of the Society. If there is widespread interest in a subject area, there is also the mechanism for forming a Division within the Society.

    Applications for the period January 1998 to June 1999 should reach the Secretary by the closing date 31 July 1996. A further call for applications for the period July 1999 to December 1991 will be made in October 1997.

    An application for a grant should be made on a form available from the Secretary, whose name and address appear on the inside front cover of this issue.

    The rules governing the approval of grants are as follows.

  • (a) Each Special Interest Meeting must be clearly advertised as an activity supported by the Australian Mathematical Society.
  • (b) The organizer must be a member of the Society.
  • (c) The meeting must be open to all members of the Society.
  • (d) Registration fees should be charged, with a substantial reduction for members of the Society.
  • (e) A financial statement must be submitted on completion of the meeting.
  • (f) Any profits up to the value of the grant are to be returned to the Australian Mathematical Society.
  • (g) On completion, a Meeting Report should be prepared, in a form suitable for publication in the Australian Mathematical Society Gazette .
  • (h) A list of those attending and, if applicable, a copy of the conference proceedings must be submitted to the Society.
  • (i) Only in exceptional circumstances will support be provided near the time of the Annual Conference for a Special Interest Meeting being held in another city.

    In consideration of an application, Council will take into account locations around Australia of the various mathematical meetings during the period in question. Preference will be given to Meetings of at least two days' duration. The maximum allocation for any one Meeting will be $2500, with up to $8000 being available in any one calendar year. There will be six-monthly calls for applications for Special Interest Meeting Grants, each to cover a period of eighteen months commencing six months after consideration of applications.


    Fellows (FAustMS) R.P. Brent FAA, Australian National University P.G. Dodds, Flinders University of South Australia D.C. Hunt, University of New South Wales R.L. Ollerton, University of Western Sydney C.E. Praeger FAA, University of Western Australia

    Accredited Member (MAustMS) P.C. Cretchley, University of Southern Queensland

    Graduate Member (GAustMS) M.C. Steele, Tweed Heads A.L. White, Perak, Malaysia

    The Australian Mathematical Society Gazette is Copyright by the Australian Mathematical Society. Any enquiries about this electronic version of the Gazette should be sent to