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Reviewing books and software is an important activity in the total effort involved in research and teaching in our profession. Hence, the Gazette has a long tradition of publishing reviews of books that may interest members of the Society. The current issue contains reviews of five books which cover a variety of areas of mathematics.

However, it is not always easy to find reviewers, and we are always keen to hear from members who would like to be involved in this work. We spend a great deal of time scanning information from publishers looking for books that need reviewing and then trying to match the books with the interests of potential reviewers.

Several readers have commented that they often read the book review section first. Indeed, it is likely that authors of book reviews have relatively large audiences. Reviews should be informative and helpful, but they can also be lively and entertaining as well. In writing a review, one is not as constrained in matters of style as in writing a research paper. Reviewers are entitled to keep the review copy of the book in return for their contribution.

If you are interested in writing reviews please contact us.

Deadlines for submissions to the Gazette

Volume Number Deadline
24 2 3 May 1997
24 3 1 July 1997
24 4 6 September 1997
24 5 8 November 1997
25 1 9 February 1998

It is anticipated that each issue will appear about six weeks after the deadline.

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