Bull. Austral. Math. Soc. 72(3) pp.477--480, 2005.

There are no n-point Fσ sets in Rm

David L. Fearnley

L. Fearnley

J.W. Lamoreaux

Received: 29th August, 2005



We show that, for any positive integers n and m, if a set S $ \subset $ Rm intersects every m - 1 dimensional affine hyperplane in Rm in exactly n points, then S is not an F$\scriptstyle \sigma $ set. This gives a natural extension to results of Khalid Bouhjar, Jan J. Dijkstra, and R. Daniel Mauldin, who have proven this result for the case when m = 2, and also Jan J. Dijkstra and Jan van Mill, who have shown this result for the case when n = m.

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