ANZIAM J. 49 (2007), no. 2, pp. 271–279.

Inverse coefficient problems for nonlinear elliptic equations

Runsheng Yang Yunhua Ou
Department of Mathematics
Changsha University of Sciences and Technology
Hunan 410076
P.R. China
Department of Mathematics
Hunan University of Technology
Hunan 412007
P.R. China
Received 12 June, 2006; revised 3 October, 2006


This paper is devoted to a class of inverse coefficient problems for nonlinear elliptic equations. The unknown coefficient of the elliptic equations depends on the gradient of the solution and belongs to a set of admissible coefficients. It is shown that the nonlinear elliptic equations are uniquely solvable for the given class of coefficients. Proof of the existence of a quasisolution of the inverse problems is obtained.

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2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: primary 35R30; secondary 35J85
(Metadata: XML, RSS, BibTeX) MathSciNet: MR2376???
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