ANZIAM J. 49 (2007), no. 1, pp. 75–83.

A note on the stability and the approximation of solutions for a Dirichlet problem with p(x)-Laplacian

Marek Galewski
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Lodz
Banacha 22
90-238 Lodz
Received 1 September 2006; revised 11 June 2007


We show the stability results and Galerkin-type approximations of solutions for a family of Dirichlet problems with nonlinearity satisfying some local growth conditions.

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2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: primary 35A15; secondary 35B35, 65N30
(Metadata: XML, RSS, BibTeX) MathSciNet: MR2378150 Z'blatt-MATH: pre05243892


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