ANZIAM  J.  47 (2005), 277-287
Diversity sensitivity and multimodal Bayesian statistical analysis by relative entropy

Roy B. Leipnik
  Mathematics Department
  University of California
  Santa Barbara
  CA 93106--3080
C. E. M. Pearce
  School of Mathematical Sciences
  The University of Adelaide
  Adelaide SA 5005

A list of recognised social diversities is assembled, including those used in social action programmes in the USA. Responses to diversity are discussed and diversity sensitivity defined as the derivative of response with respect to a defining parameter of a diversity distribution. Rewards (or penalties) for diversity are listed also; sensitivities to the responses to the rewards for diversity are called diversity sensitivities of the second kind. The statistics of bimodal and multimodal distributions are discussed, including the parametric estimation of such distributions by mixtures of multivariate normal distributions. An example is considered in detail.
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