ANZIAM  J.  46 (2005), 341-360
A convolution back projection algorithm for local tomography

Challa S. Sastry
  Artificial Intelligence Lab
  Department of Computer and Information Sciences
  University of Hyderabad
  Hyderabad 500046
P. C. Das
  Department of Mathematics
  Indian Institute of Technology
  Kanpur 208016

The present work deals with the problem of recovering a local image from localised projections using the concept of approximation identity. It is based on the observation that the Hilbert transform of an approximation identity taken from a certain class of compactly supported functions with sufficiently many zero moments has no significant spread of support. The associated algorithm uses data pertaining to the local region along with a small amount of data from its vicinity. The main features of the algorithm are simplicity and similarity with standard filtered back projection (FBP) along with the economic use of data.
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